Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Finishing Post!

This morning, after a lie in and a leisurely breakfast, Del prepared himself and the bike for the final run to The Bluff.
Would you believe it! He discovered a puncture in his front tyre - the only one he's had on the bike throughout the whole trip! He fixed it and took off, covering the 30kms in glorious sunshine and in record time.
Julie and I were at The Bluff to greet him, feeling very proud and excited. Del was exhilarated and, with all our cheering and clapping, a crowd of on-lookers soon gathered, shaking his hand, taking photos and asking questions.
After a celebratory glass of bubbles, lots of photographs and phone calls to family and friends, Del insisted on cycling the 30kms back again to our motel! Before he left, Julie began to ask him what his next challenge was. I quickly stopped her in her tracks!! I'm not ready for that yet -  just relieved that he's back from this one safe and sound. These photos tell the final chapter of the story.

                                                    The end -        or is it just the beginning?

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Anonymous said...

Your a champion Del - well done mate that's an epic ride. I'm training now but that's a hell of a time to do that distance, maybe I'll take the electric bike. Looking forward to catching up. Ron