Sunday, January 30, 2011

Three days to go!

                                                  Retrieving Image
At last the trailer has been packed for the final time - after several attempts to reduce the bulk. In all - trailer and load - it totals 30kgs. It'll make Del work hard when towing it up the many mini mountains he'll be negotiating, but imagine to thrill of the extra 30kgs thrust when he sails down the other side!


Kim Pick said...

Good luck!!!! We'll be thinking of you and following your progress. xxx The Picks in New York

Max said...

Good luck Grandpa. Hope you won't get hurt because of some hazards on the road. I think it will be windy, but you'll survive.
---xx Max

Jacob said...

Hi Grandpa. Hope you have an amazing bike trip and get there safely. Love from Jacob.

Harry said...

Have a safe trip Grandpa! You can do it!!!!