Friday, January 28, 2011

Four days to go!

Less than 4 days to go before Del pedals off into the great unknown! His bike has been checked, adjusted and tuned like a virtuoso's  violin!
At this point mention should be made of the great service he received a couple of weeks ago from Matt at KiwiVelo, 33 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna. Del had experienced a run of consecutive punctures in his back tyre. He'd repaired the tube a couple of times and later tried putting in new tubes. He checked for stones and nails etc in the tyre and found nothing,  but each time he went out on the bike -  another puncture! In frustration he took off to Takapuna to look for assistance. Eventually he called in to KiwiVelo.
For a start, he was impressed to see their team of young mechanics busily working on bikes in the workshop. Matt promptly offered his assistance and thoroughly investigated the problem tyre. It was stripped down, the problem solved and Del was soon on his merry way. I might add that he had visited several other bike outlets the same morning with no satisfaction.  Thanks, Matt and KiwiVelo - great service!

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