Thursday, January 20, 2011

All we wanted was a service!

Less than two weeks to go now!
Bowling club members may have registered that Del's Delica van has been absent from its usual place in the car park this week. The explanation - it went into the garage for its regular service on Monday and will end up on Friday, almost a week later, with a rebuilt diesel pump and several new bits and pieces - replaced while the engine was in pieces! Que sera, sera!
Del's training programme has been affected considerably, as he uses the van to transport the bike, trailer and gear to various areas in Dairy Flat and Albany where he does his training. Result - longer, more strenuous pedalling on the bike at the gym and lots of sweaty shirts in the wash basket!  
        His cycle challenge has  come to the attention of the Rodney Times and the article below appeared in today's edition.  It's well and truly public knowledge now. Perhaps some of the hundreds of pupils he taught 25+ years ago at Orewa North Primary School might remember their old teacher and give him some support and encouragement! He'd really appreciate that.               

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