Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did I mention....?

On one of his training runs Del crossed paths with an endurance runner, support team in tow, running down the hill towards him from the opposite direction. As the runner approached, he surprised Del by holding out his right hand as if asking him to stop. Del was battling the steep incline and was a bit miffed by this request but, as he got closer to the runner, realised that he was in fact inviting him to "high five".   So, without stopping, Del let go of one handlebar and, with a bit of a wobble, managed a very quick  "high five" as the pair passed each other. The runner called out a cheery "Good on yer mate - keep it up!" and went on his way.
On another occasion, again while tackling a hilly section, Del heard the roar of a motorbike coming up behind him at a great rate of knots. As it passed, the bike lifted up onto one wheel and, without looking back,  its leather clad rider  held an encouraging "thumbs up" high in the air. The stunt and pose continued until the rider and bike were out of sight.
Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Del really appreciated the gesture.

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