Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beats living out of a suitcase!

  Del discovered this cargo trailer. It weighs 9kgs and works a little like a wheelbarrow - one wheel, and aluminium frame and a couple of  metal arms that attach either side of his cycle's rear wheel. He tried using a large plastic sheet folded into a parcel and held by bungies to carry his belongings, but found that his gear moved around and bulged out of the sides. He had to "bite the bullet" and invest in a sturdy cargo bag. His gear now stays in one place and the weight is balanced  (about 25kgs of it!) - rather crucial when you are going round corners at speed!
He drove all over Auckland before finding the "pole" for his flag.  He eventually found what he was looking for - a telescopic car aerial!
He pulls a fully packed trailer on every training run to prepare himself for the "Big One"!                  

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