Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bowls Orewa - an exciting year ahead!

As at 15th January 2011, Bowls Orewa's membership numbers are 242 full playing members plus 49 others including Life, Associate, Honorary and Social members.
As with many other bowls clubs, numbers had fallen over the years, but, with the rapid development of subdivisions and retirement villages in the area more recently, we've experienced a growth in membership and the club is becoming vibrant once more.
Our club house is being extended this year to cope with the growth and we are working with Keith Hay Homes, Warkworth, to plan the new addition. All proceeds from Del's cycle challenge will go towards the fitting out and furnishing of the new areas.

Bowls certainly isn't what it used to be! The rules might not have changed much but - coloured bowls! - smart coloured sports clothing! - younger faces!  All have added a refreshing new look and approach to the game.
Club programmes are beginning to cater for the younger, working player.
We're seeing schools offering bowls experience to pupils. With coaching from Bowls Orewa, Orewa College teams have won the North Harbour Intercollegiate Anne Hartley Cup four years in a row.
And then there's the fun of Business House Bowls and Mates in Bowls!
Bowls really is a game for all ages!

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