Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot pics!!

Del lost our precious camera last year sometime during the bowling season. Couldn't think what could have happened to it and we have since made do with an older model.
With Del's trip rapidly approaching we decided that it was about time we invested in a new camera and bought a nice, compact little number that would take up negligible space in the bag on Del's handlebars.
To our surprise the lost camera turned up this week.
The mechanics who were fixing up our van, lifted up the front passenger's seat to get to the engine and discovered the camera tucked in amongst the engine parts!!
Its case had obviously experienced  heat and was dented in places, but the camera appears unharmed. It must have slipped in when Del was checking the oil dip stick. Guess who feels a bit of a dip stick now!!

PS. Did I say that the camera was unharmed? Well, it certainly looks perfect and still takes good pictures but you can't see a thing in the viewer because it's been totally fried!

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