Monday, February 14, 2011

Toeing the line!

Or towing as close to the line as possible, to be more exact!
No sight seeing for Del this trip! He concentrates on keeping as close to the inside of the white line on the edge of the road as possible. Sometimes there are nicely sealed shoulders to ride on - especially through the towns and cities. On the open road the seal often falls away quickly to loose metal and getting caught in this can cause loss of control of the bike and the trailer. Loose metal at road works is a particular nuisance. Flying metal chips have peppered Del's legs and left their marks.
Often, of course, there are no shoulders at all and you have to ride as close to the kerb as you can, negotiating parked cars, broken glass and drains. Del reckons that the drains below are quite challenging if you are unlucky enough to get your tyre caught in them!

He did another amazing 118kms today. He cycled from Taihape through Mangaweka, Hunterville and Bulls to Foxton! In two or three days he'll be in Wellington and heading for the ferry!

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