Monday, January 31, 2011

The adventure begins!

As we drove up to Cape Reinga, Del decided that he'd like to do the Reinga to Waitiki Landing stage today rather than wait until 1st February. We took photos to prove that he'd made it to the Cape but found that there was no mobile phone coverage so I'll post them as soon as we get back to civilisation!
We'd heard that the 25kms from the Cape was probably the hilliest stretch of the whole trip, but Del did it good time with only one break when his chain came off half way up one of the hills. I'm already full of admiration for him and have every confidence that he'll complete the trip in style. Watch this space!

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Julie said...

Wooohooo! Well done Dad! The first stage already under your belt, congratulations! Keep up the great start. Hope you get a tail wind with this horrible weather!