Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All bets are off!

Del disembarked at Picton just before 10.00pm last night and "crashed" at the first motel he set eyes on. Just as I'd guessed, he decided today to press on with his assault of the South Island and not take a rest day as I had suggested. I said I couldn't bet on it!
After enjoying a decent breakfast in Picton this morning, he decided, after the mileage he covered yesterday, to settle on a shorter ride today and aim for Seddon. By midday he'd been through Blenheim and was about to assail a rather large hill when he made his usual 12.00pm phone call. He's got a big clean up planned when he gets to Seddon - washing, a shower - and a long rest!!
Arlene Smith, our women's Vice President announced to the bowlers this afternoon that "Del had passed over to the other side!" Thank heavens it's just to the South Island!!!


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Ron Clark said...

Stone the crows mate you're making good time. I was heading down South this week and thought I'd throw the bike in the van and join you for a few miles but you've already escaped to the South Island. Well done keep it up Del