Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bottoms up!

Del's aiming for Kaikoura today along the coast road - 107kms!! When he rang at midday he'd reached Clarence, with 42 more kms to go. The route is very scenic with seal colonies etc, but no time for taking in the views! It'll be head down and rear up!
Talking about rears - Del's chafed behind has been the main topic of conversation at Bowls Orewa this week. So many people have enquired after its condition. I'm pleased to report that the application of a herbal cream in the evening and a good dollop of Shammy Cream on the inside of his cycling pants before each ride has improved the situation considerably. Thanks, Rick (Martin), for putting us on to this. It's made the rest of the ride possible.

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Julie said...

Wow. You are quite incredible. The boys are very proud!