Monday, February 21, 2011

Flat out!

Good conditions today so Del went hell for leather and pedalled another 108 kms! By mid afternoon he'd arrived in Oamaru. For the first time in the trip it began raining steadily so he settled for a cabin at the Top 10 Holiday Park. It's pretty sparse but when you're tired, a lumpy mattress beats a 10mm bed roll! If the wind and weather allows, he's aiming for Dunedin tomorrow.

Speaking of "flat", Del's dodged an endless number of squashed little bodies lying across his tracks - possums, rabbits, hedgehogs, stoats, pukekos, seagulls, cats, dogs  - you name it - he's dodged it!
The innumerable white crosses on the roadside are also a sobering reminder of others that didn't manage to make it home!

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